Ray Misty Blue Straight Jeans

Cup Of Joe is a denim label that's known for its affordability for thirty years. COJ takes its inspiration from the delicate, often small things in life. Since jeans are part of our daily existence, we need to enjoy them as much as our usual cup of coffee. That's the idea behind it.

It will certainly happen with this Ray in the color misty blue. These pants are likely to become one of your favorites. The Ray clearly fits like a second skin and you can endlessly vary with these jeans. Wear them with a T-shirt and sneakers, or combine with a leather jacket when it's getting slightly cooler outside. 

The Ray is a classic for the urban COJ man. It's a new approach to denim with it's grayish shade. This fabric brings extra comfort due to the special modal yarns. The Ray is constructed in a slim straight cut and a medium waist.

When choosing a COJ denim, you're at the same time caring for our environment. Indeed, the label concerns redesigned vintage jeans.

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