Eva Medium Blue Tuinbroek


Cup Of Joe is a denim label that's known for its affordability for thirty years. COJ takes its inspiration from the delicate, often small things in life. Since jeans are part of our daily existence, we need to have just such a pleasure from it as our usual cup of coffee. That's the idea behind it.

Denim does not age; it only evolves with time. It carries the marks of our footsteps. When the time comes, it is redesigned by the experts. Over the years, it has reborn, and we have witnessed the evolution of the vintage denim. Today, we complement yesterday with just a touch of modern trends: we redesign the vintage denim.

Speaking of redesigned vintage denim, COJ's Eva are thé must-have dungarees ever. Of course they have a one of a kind destroyed look, but besides that, they have a special loose fit what makes them very comfortable to wear.  

The Eva is a jean that will make you shine in throughout the year, thanks to the medium blue wash and vintage feel. 



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